Thursday, May 23, 2013


My PLC includes We  Are Teachers because I have found good information about what I

The scores are in!!!

So, here we sit, after a year of hard work with an incredible group of students, colleagues and administrators and it all comes down to a set of scores. Our society believes that my work, my school and my colleagues are made or broken by a set of scores. What about my autistic child, who after months of modeling and guided practice, figured out a word on his own using the strategies I have been showing him? What about the child that worked so hard this year  that she blew her IEP goals out of the water? What about the young man that was finally given access to the technology needed to help him manage his severe dyslexia and is absolutely soaring with his learning? What about the child that comes to school day after day, literally surviving his homelife so he can get to school the next morning to eat and be loved? What about the teachers that give of themselves sacrificially everyday to these children so they can learn and thrive? What about the administrators that give unbelievable hours to their staff and school to create an amazing work environment?

The scores are in.
Please look deeper.